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This type of other show will be on account of cross-linguistic variations in new properties of the BSL and you may ASL lexicons

This type of other show will be on account of cross-linguistic variations in new properties of the BSL and you may ASL lexicons

Relationship among lexical and you can phonological characteristics

Next we examined relationships among the lexical and phonological properties of the signs in ASL-LEX to gain insight into how phonological, lexical, and semantic factors interact in the ASL lexicon. s = –0.14, p < 0.001. Although it is possible that this inverse correlation is driven by the relatively higher frequency of closed-class words which may be lower in iconicity than other signs, the negative correlation remains when closed-class words (i.e., words with a “minor” Lexical Class) are excluded (r s = –0.17, p < 0.001). This result is compatible with the early proposal that with frequent use, signs may move away from their iconic origins, perhaps due to linguistic pressures to become more integrated into the phonological system (Frishberg, 1975). Interestingly, the direction of this relationship was the opposite of that found for British Sign Language; that is, Vinson et al. (2008) reported a weak positive correlation between frequency and iconicity: r = .146, p < .05. Alternatively, the different correlations might be due differences in stimuli selection. Vinson et al. (2008) intentionally selected stimuli that had a range of iconicity values which resulted in a bimodal iconicity distribution while we did not select signs for inclusion in ASL-LEX based on their iconicity.

Regularity and you will iconicity z-results (SignFrequency(Z) and you may Iconicity(Z)) was basically notably adversely correlated along (discover Table step one), with regular signs ranked given that faster renowned; however, it dating are weakened, roentgen

A number of phonological qualities is very synchronised along with of a lot times this is due to how they was outlined (find Desk step one). Such as, for every biggest venue contains no less than one slight metropolitan areas-high-frequency lesser towns and cities commonly ergo nearly inevitably be discovered into the high volume significant towns and cities, and you may handshape frequency is actually also regarding selected thumb and you can bending regularity. On top of that, all of the about three strategies out of Community Occurrence try extremely synchronised which have you to several other partly since they are also laid out and you will partly because the people natives that express five of your four sandwich-lexical qualities (Maximal People Density) tend to necessarily and display certainly four sandwich-lexical services (Minimal Area Thickness). Eventually, all of the around three Community Occurrence strategies are synchronised with each of your sub-lexical volume strategies. This makes feel since because of the definition, well-known sandwich-lexical qualities appear in of many cues.

Interestingly, the basic sub-lexical frequencies are completely uncorrelated with each other, with the exception of selected fingers and minor location which are significantly but weakly correlated (r = .10, p < .01).

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